Comparing Universal Studios and Disneyland

When I went to Los Angeles, I came to both Universal Studios and Disneyland.

With the entire family aboard, how could you miss out on all that fun? It was surely a day that was going to be dedicated to both these theme parks. Also, you would need to be used to walking the entire day. As a result, you would need to wear shoes and get used to walking the entire day. We all know that the rides in both theme parks absolutely rule. There are roller coasters and a merry-go-round for kids. Universal Studios has a stunt show where you can watch stunt performers do stunts that you usually see in movies. Also, you will get a studio tour where famous films were shot.

There were some special effects definitely involved and it made these movies look like they were actually happening right before your very eyes.

It is evident you would really get at it with these shows and take a lot of pictures. It would feel great when you would feel like you were actually in your favorite disaster movies then you will exit the area as if nothing happened. Since it is Universal Studios, you will have a boat tour like in the movie Jaws and the tour guide will act like a shark will actually attack you. The truth is the entire thing is fake which is another way for you to feel like you were in actual movies.


As for the mascots, you can expect these friendly people to pose for pictures and sign autographs like they were the characters themselves that we all saw in the movies.

Universal Studios can have Shrek, The Simpsons, and the Grinch right in there. Disneyland is expected to have Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and the rest of the gang we’ve all grown to love. You can’t expect to have movie characters there but your kids would get a bit too excited when they go near those characters. It is such a fun ATK Discount experience that we wish we would arrive with at some point in our lives.

Thus, when you have the opportunity then do it even when you are already a bit old.

That is the time when you think you will conclude you were a bit too old back then but now that you saved enough money for it then you can ride these awesome rides. When you’re at Universal Studios, there is like a Back to the Future ride where you are in a bumpy car and there is a screen right in front of you. The car will just move around like you were actually in the movie. It is another fun experience and there is even a 5D movie there where the Team Skeet discount film will pop right before your eyes with the amazing effects. There will even be some smoke effects and water getting splashed on you so prepare to get really wet. As a result, better bring a couple of extra shirts with you.